my daydream

try, try, try
Reminds me of somebody.

Reminds me of somebody.

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getting tired, getting angry, perth life.

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my boulder

tied a boulder to my ankle 
rolled it into the sea, chain and foot 
hulking mass, moss and soot
rock was white, beautiful, divine
taken along, hair no longer dryin’
thinking of that one old song
memories of smiling and warmth long gone
hit the sand at the bottom forgotten
ocean wild heavy, serenity forlorn
crystal clear liquid driving in
air escaping, time wearing thin
tied a boulder to me, ya know
a long time ago,
gasping to be free!

i tethered you 
bound you to me.


mettya kawaii da yo

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Survive these hardcore feelings

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Stop The Boats


So this exists.

boris - sometimes
mbv cover

whatever you skank

whatever you skank


pipes crushing
feelings gushing
eyes droop terrify
fingers wriggling why
wearing false smiles
isle thorned wane wild
cheeks blushing
or just cells bursting
teardrops sliding bleeding
you’re all through, dead, true
worn stone clout clot

all you were
is something you’re not


Climbing tunnel in Tara, Gran Canaria, Spain

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I roll your name around my tongue
and the hot, bitter tang of you
floods my mouth

You taste of bleary eyed nights
and Marlboro Lights
smoked fiercely, biting down hard on the butt

of Southern Comfort
vomited into the backseat of a car
and venomous insults
screamed at the top of our lungs
that we’d never be able to take back

of clumsy sex in your parent’s bed
behind your boyfriend’s back
and Sunday morning splitting headaches
trying to recall the details
of the night before

on this godforsaken earth
there must be a mint
strong enough
to erase your name
from my lips


Max Mundan, Your Name, It Tastes Like Cigarettes and Shame

© David Rutter 2014

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