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No compromise 


No compromise 


All the time


All the time


moonlight shadow
one more print for AX


moonlight shadow

one more print for AX

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Actually not awful. Nice knights.

Actually not awful. Nice knights.

Imagine if I could do all that I can.
Everyday battle plan.


I hope there’s something better
than this love
for you
It was never strong enough
for you to feel it
deep down at your core
where it could have helped
knit back together
the pieces of you
that had fallen
or been ripped

I hope there’s something better
than this earth
for you
This was not a place
you could ever fully fit
that could embrace
and cherish and protect
the fragile thing you are
that could offer your roiling mind
so beset by demons and by doubts
a quiet place
to land

I hope there’s something better
than this death
for you
It has left us
naked and exposed
laid bare our fears and failures
to the harsh light of day
and reduced us
to aching for you
reaching for you
yet always coming away

I hope there’s something better
than this life
for you

and I hope
you have found it
by now


Max Mundan, I Hope There’s Something Better

© David Rutter 2014

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I gave a word power
took it away
with it
power returned
Could’nt have kept it all

Now days the damn is busted, its nuts n bolts rusted
You don’t have the bits I need
Not a single one
I gave a word power and lost myself at sea

See though, and here’s the trick
I found myself there
All the power bare
And all I need
Ever did and will
Is me!
Just me!

There is no fucking we!
No fucking empathy!
Pet monsters and flee
Fought destiny escaping thee

I gave a word power
And sold my soul to a devil
To a glimmer
To and for naught
You never could have taught me a goddamn thing
No lessons exist inside that head
Only beside you in bed.

The word has no weight anymore
So much so long
Such a chore

Watch "Cage - Tongue In A Sharks Mouth" on YouTube

Cage - Tongue In A Sharks Mouth:

Good morning.

Its 6am and I’m waking up cold and I’m thinking of you and what you put me through and what we went through together and how much stronger I am after the fact and the effort I made alone without your support or encouragement. Its 6am and I have a gigantic smile on my face. It’s the morning like any other except today for no reason I am glad you’re not here beside me. It takes a lot of time to become happy after a heartbreak, to stop feeling betrayed or cheated, or like you wasted your time; in this case hard work does prevail. This isn’t a new sensation, simply the first time I am switched on to the self awareness of your absence in my life and how in spite of all the love I’ll always have for you and always want you here…

I’m rather glad you’re not.

Not here.
Not my problem.
Not weighing me down.
Not blaming me.
Not holding grudges.
Not able to touch my heart.
Not able to dent me.
Not whinging in the background about how you fucked up this or that.
Not telling me about how your friends dislike me, like somehow I should care.
Not reminding me I’m a failure.
Not telling me you love me but can’t be with me but want to fuck me but can’t be seen with me but are attracted to me but are too messed up to deal with life…

Some focus on the negative from time to time is a powerful reminder to myself. I still love you, mixed uppedly..
but damn it feels good to know you’re not mine today.


Push, past long
Last, where you
Belong, grasp lungs
Gasp, lips swing
Dripping, slick hands
Grip, dusty white
Tape, briar patch
Limbs, detached roast
Fall, away from it all
Never near; and always here
Snail’s time, last line
Impossible t’ward
Withdrawal, past is passed
Long, loved last
Lush, green meaning
Flowers in the ceiling
Await such gush
And the rush, rusted


Where is it, wry n’
Tell us why
You are so slow to start
Might pry dead art
Opening eyes twist
Birth and cry
A shitty limp wrist beneath
Perfect teeth
Rip from that face
Cannot save face
To just disgrace
While I erase
Go back to base
I just hate
The way you lie
Let’s make a deal
On the fly, okay?
Just go away
Just go die.

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Me and some of my close friends in Japan. Will be missing you guys, thanks for enriching my stay. I won’t forget you.

I’m returning home today - its been a while and its been lovely. I have a lot to say to anyone reading or following. First I want to say sorry for any lack of content - I wanted to give myself a chance to enjoy things without my old crutch of writing and festering. I wanted to give myself some breathing space mentally and now I want to bring back everything I learned or experienced on that journey. I’m just in airport transit at the moment and after I catch my breath at home I’ll start again all over again.

I’ve missed you guys. I hope I can continue to provide whatever it is you enjoy here, and maybe introduce a little something new.

Talk again soon.